Mary (41 mins) Mary is a cute blonde with beautiful blue eyes and a great figure. She came back to my office for her casting interview after I'd had that brief visit from her when she popped in with her friend Dasha. I knew that Mary was going to be quite an easy casting as she had already sucked my cock just minutes after I met her... This girl was keen to get work in the adult industry to fund her studies in Europe! Her attitude was very good and she had no problem with doing what I said. I went through my usual spiel and she was soon lying on my couch playing with herself. I soon joined the party and we picked up from where we left off last time. It was great fun and in the end I spunked all over her nice flat stomach!!!
Cheeky Heather tried to convince me that the fake wallet that I pretended to find was her brothers. the wallet was full of cash. I suggested that we take it to the police...or maybe she would like to earn the money with her pussy.
I love to hang out around the bus station here in Prague, because there is no shortage of beautiful women like Luna Corazon! I was sitting in my car when I saw her, and I immediately had to hustle over so I could approach. She had a beautiful body and short blonde hair, so I asked the Brazillian beauty if she would be interested in coming with me to shoot some pictures for a casting. When she stripped and I saw her great boobs I was turned on, but it was her ass that made my dick hard. My hard cock turned her on greatly, so she gave me a blowjob, then I fucked her shaved pussy and made her cum. Luna wanked me onto her face, and I came harder than I have in a long time!
Diana (40 mins) The delectable Diana has beautiful golden hair, with pale blue come to bed eyes that light up whenever she sees cock. She's the type of girl who wanted a man to have their wicked way with her. It was at a party in Budapest that I met this little fire cracker for the first time. She was giving it some serious grinding action with the boys on the dance floor, it became clear that she was going to be up for anything sexual. I bided my time and waited until she was was on her own so I could approach her. I went up to her at an opportune time, stared straight into her glassy blue eyes and gave her my best chat up line (sorry can't tell you what it is, trade secret) I gave her my card, and asked her if she'd like work. Her face lit up when I told her about money. The next day I had a call from her and we met up in a cafe. There was no doubt in my mind that this girl wanted my cock inside her. As soon as we reached my office one of the first things she said is 'I want to suck your dick'. I didn't need to bullshit her or anything. She was great at sucking cock, and loved anal it was perfect. That's two Russians I've had now, and both of them have been absolutely filthy. Let's hope I can make it a hat-trick soon...
"Wow, I'm lucky today," I thought to myself when I saw Helena Moeller's blonde-haired big-boobed beauty. Helena was a secretary for a big company, but her life lacked excitement and funding, so she wanted to try out porn. Helena told me she liked travelling and meeting people, and said she wanted to be sexy and wild. The blonde hottie was wearing a red bodysuit that afforded her easy access, and she opened it on the couch to play with her pussy. I could see in her eyes that she was very horny, so I took my cock out so she could give me a blowjob. I fucked Helena on the couch and desk, cowgirl and doggystyle, and pleasured her beautiful pussy until she got on her knees for me to cum on her face!
A woman with a beautiful name and a better ass, Sofi Goldfinger, walked into my office. Sofi was a pretty blonde spinner from Russia on vacation in Prague to visit with friends. She wouldn't be staying long, she told me, and modelling was more of a hobby than a career. Sofi told me she had no boyfriend, but when I mentioned the adult industry, she started to blush. Only lesbian scenes appealed to her, she said, and solo masturbation. I tried to ease her anxiety by talking about her fetishes, of which Sofi had plenty. As she got more and more comfortable, I was finally able to convince her to strip out of her outfit and show me her tiny tits and hairy pussy. When it came time for her to masturbate for me, she had no issues at all, and came right on my couch! I could tell she was turned on, especially when she reached out and started sucking my cock!
Summer (47 mins) My friend in America has sent me another one of his classic castings!!! Fair play this little dude really knows how to persuade the women! The girl he's got on his couch is called summer and she is a babe! At first I thought he would never convince her to fuck him but sure enough he works his magic on her on gradually grinds her down with promises of big money and lots of great jobs! And boy can this girl fuck!!! Check it out now!
Tereza (39 mins) Tereza is a beautiful blonde who is looking for work opportunities. She was vey curious when I started talking about the adult industry. It turns out that she absolutely loves sex and was into some kinky stuff. After we'd talked I got her to strip off and then the rest is history. We fucked on the couch and she was fantastic I ended up spunking inside her. Result!
I had 18 year old blonde babe Marilyn Sugar in my office today, and she looked so breathtaking that I was having a hard time starting the interview. I was casting Marilyn for some possible acting jobs, and wanted to hear her speak English. I also really wanted to see her perky tits and round ass! Marilyn stripped for me and I took some pictures, then I asked her if she liked to give handjobs, and she smiled enthusiastically. She stroked my cock while playing with her clit, then gave me a blowjob. I fucked Marilyn's pussy doggystyle, then missionary on my desk. I fucked her face after, then covered her with a facial!
Shirly (50 mins) Shirly is a real fire cracker. Her beautiful blonde hair was making my cock twitch with anticipation. The knowledge that she was harbouring a pussy just ten feet away was enough to drive me crazy. She was suitably impressed by her surroundings which made it that much easier to sell her my story, and she bought it hook line and sinker. Shirly is a Serbian beauty who was on holiday when I met her in a bar and started chatting to her about modelling. She seemed really keen so I told her about my agency. I offered her lots of money and work if she did what I said, which was ideal for her because she'd just finished studying so she was ready to do something new with her life. I told her she could come and do a shoot with me in Ibiza because she looked like bit of a party girl. The Serbian minx looked so hot on the white couch I couldn't wait to get her out of them panties and into her birthday suit. I wanted to do a bikini shoot with her but she didn't have a bra so I just had to do it topless, haha. When I approached her and started feeling her the chemisty was obvious so I asked her for a kiss and before we knew it I was eating her out... We had hot sex on the white leather and I ended up spunking over her tanned ass... Shirly you're a top girl!
Lola (31mins) I was so excited about this angel that my cum blasted out and it hit the wall behind her first. When I got an email from Lola showing me pictures of herself with her mouth clamped around the pussy of another woman, I spent the next three days with my cock in my hand. This girl-girl only model was looking to expand her career and do more work, so I told her I could get her modeling work with some of the top producers in the USA. She came for the casting and I was more nervous than I have ever been doing this, I was like a drooling fan-boy when she came into the office. Her tight body, her tits, her pussy, she is like an innocent, perfect little angel who was just designed to make men cum. Talking of orgasms, she did! Her pink honey-hole fastened around my fingers like a Chinese finger trap and she shuddered out a climax, I was like a boy who just discovered his dad's porn collection. Look on the video how wet she is after this! I couldn't fuck this girl because I blew my man-glue all over the wall before I had a chance but I arranged another casting for the next months, and hopefully she will come again. In both ways.
I was excited for my appointment with Lovita Fate because she looked so sexy in the pictures she sent me. I was not disappointed when she walked into my office. A perky blonde with natural tits, Lovita told me how she wasn't enjoying her job as a waitress, and was looking for something else. No problem, I told her, as long as she was a little open-minded. We got to talking, and she revealed her love for doggystyle, so to lighten the mood, I had her get into that position first. She got right to playing with her pink pussy, and her moans were driving me crazy. I told her my friends in the USA could give her lots of jobs, but they needed to see her in action. She took my hard cock deep into her throat, then I fucked her on my desk. To switch the scenery we moved back to my desk, where I came deep inside her with a nice creampie!
The moment Daisy Lee walked into the audition with her booty shorts, I knew that she would be perfect for our up and coming XXX shoot. Clearly comfortable with her small natural tits, tight teen ass, and long blonde hair, Daisy was eager to prove her porn talents! As the casting couch became the background for all her dirty desires, this spinner took my hard cock and rubbed it in between her perky tatas for a nice tittyfuck! This nympho didn't stop there. Her wet pussy took my big dick doggystyle and then she rode my long shaft cowgirl until I jizzed all over her perfect backside. The way she couldn't take her eyes off herself on the camera proved that she was made to fuck!
Summer (38 mins) Summer is a hot blonde babe with a cracking set of tits and lets that go all the way up! I was so happy when she came into my office I nearly spunked in my boxers!! I had to get my focus back so I could sweet talk this blonde into sucking my cock and more... At first we started chatting about her work as a hairdresser but we soon moved on to why she wanted to try the erotic modelling. Turns out that she's heard she can make big bucks doing it and with a body like hers she could go all the way to the top! Only not with me unfortunately. Anyway, we talked about the business and she was ready to strip naked! She looked fantastic and before to long I had her sucking on my cock! We fucked hard on the couch and I finished off by spunking all over sweet body!!!
Leona (33 mins) Leona is a photo model from the countryside, who had heard that good money could be made by going into the adult industry, and she wasn't wrong in this respect, if you meet the right people. I let her know that by doing some boy/girl adult work she could earn enough money within 2 years to buy her own flat in Budapest and maybe even a car. Leona loved the prospect of this, and I even told her I knew a male model that could help her out with accommodation in the meantime, if she got to know him well enough. I suggested that we do a casting with Sabby (my male model friend) so I would have material to show producers to get her future work. She was more than eager to strip off, take some photos and then wait for Sabby to turn up. Leona had a wonderful energy with Sabby, giving sexual moans and heavy breathing, begging Sabby to fuck her harder and faster. Which Sabby obviously obliged, bringing them both to a great climax. I think this girl will go far in the industry.
Alice (37 mins) Alice is a super hot Russian babe who I did a casting with a few months ago. You may remember that last time she was a red head but she's changed her hair colour to blonde. After the last casting I mentioned to her that I had a production that was interested in her and they needed to see if she could do anal sex on camera. She'd emailed me a couple of times asking if there were any jobs so I thought it was a great opportunity to get her back in my office to try anal sex. She agreed and came by my office. I explained to her the situation and it wasn't long before I was bending my cock into her sweet ass... I finished off my spunking my load up her for a classic anal Creampie!
Angelica and Bella Part 1 (47 mins) Yes Way I love my job. Not one but two awesome girls on my couch just waiting to be taken advantage of. I must say, these are the moments I live for. They are both smoking hot, one with the long jet black hair the other a blonde bombshell. It was blondie who wanted the hardcore career, and her friend was just along for the ride, hoping to get some bikini modelling or some shit. Nice enough of her to come along to help out her friend because she didn't speak much English. To be honest I was slightly more interested in getting bouncy tits Angelic (black hair) naked as she seemed reluctant... at first. It took a bit of convincing to get her strip down to her underwear. She said she wouldn't mind doing shoots for bikini magazines, but lets face it that's no good for me... I knew that when she saw her friend and I getting all sexual she wouldn't be able to resist. I could tell that she was getting turned on watching her best friend suck my cock. I sat in between them and could feel her mentally wearing down as the chemical reaction in her brain was making her pussy moist. Needless to say she buckled. I was having so much fun I didn't want it to end, I was trying desperately to hold back my juice, but finally sprayed my it so far that it went in blondies hair. I knew this wasn't over, so I took them into the bedroom..... to be continued.
OMG all my dreams have come true at once. I walked into a new gym to see just one girl in there. He had long brown hair and really big boobs and a sexy two piece gym kit. I took my chance and told her that I was a gym instructor. I told her that I would give her one free lesson and I would record it on camera so we could then analyse her workout afterwards. I loved watching her squat and bend. She had a great body. But suddenly the lights all went out in a power failure. While we were waiting for the lights to come back on I told her I would give her 6 months of free lessons if she would let me fuck her. I was lucky I had my infrared camera. I was able to record us having sex together in the gym.
I invited this stunning long blonde haired beauty up to my hotel room to take some casting photo's. She looked great in her sexy white underwear. She looked even better sucking and fucking my dick.
The streets of Budapest have never let me down when I'm in need of a fuck. Tonight was no different. I spot a beautiful blonde. Her long blonde hair looked very sexy. I asked her if she wanted to be a model and it didn't take too long before I had her back to my apartment and she was taking her clothes off. Her tits were amazing. When she stood there in just her bright pink bra my cock started to twitch. I offered her more money if she would have sex with me. She said yes straight away and she bounced up and down on my cock until I cum over her stomach.
This short blonde haired girl had no problem showing me her tits for 2000 Crowns. A blowjob cost me me 6000 Crowns, but full sex on my car cost me 10 000 Crowns. It was worth every bit of it as she has a great tight pussy that could barely take my big cock.
Well this time I have company. I took a female friend of mine on the hunt of a gullible girl. We spotted a short blonde haired women on the street and told her that we have a special offer for her. I was pretending to e a cameraman and my female friend was an owner of a top modelling agency and we were on the look out for brand new faces for our agency. It took a while to convince her that we were genuine and wee took her to a hotel room so she could show us what she looks like in her underwear. Once she striped off , we offered her a great job with an amazing pay check, but of course it comes with a price. She has to fuck the cameraman.
I manage to persuade a hot blonde with pink streaks in her hair to get into my car for a free ride to her friends house. She told me she was just a student that was in need of cash. I gave her my fake story about me being a modelling agent. I offered her 20 000 Crowns to fuck me in the back of my car. She took the money gratefully and loved deep-throating my big cock. Her pussy was amazingly wet and she told me that she squirts. Afer I watched her have a squirting orgasm, I finished off by squirting my cum over her face.

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