I was very excited to have Anya Krey in my office today. She had sent me pictures before coming in, and from her long hair to her thin waist, I thought she was stunning. When she came into my office, she was even more beautiful than in her pictures. Anya had done some modeling in the past, but only worked part time in between semesters as a psychology student. I immediately steered her towards porn. After all, Anya could make more money in adult entertainment than fashion modeling, and I would get to take pictures of her firm ass and perky tits! It was a win win situation, especially when Anya started masturbating and getting turned on. She told me she loved to suck cock, so I took mine out for her to deepthroat. I fucked Anya on my desk and then back on the couch, and she screamed to the heavens before I came all over her pretty face!
Naomi (36 mins) Naomi is a seriously sweet bit of ass with a great personality and smoking hot come to bed eyes. She flew in all the way from Italy just to do the casting interview with me, and I'm extremely happy that she did because this girl is the full package. Apparently she's a z list celebrity in Italy but she's not getting the recognition she craves so has come to me to help her branch out and perhaps get some work in other countries. However, the only thing I'll be helping her to achieve is an orgasm. After I'd plied her with my usual winning bullshit she was hanging off my every word and I was feeling there was some chemistry happening between the both of us. It didn't take long before we were getting naked and exchanging sexual juices. She was so quirky and fun I just knew I had to spunk all over her face. Naomi you're a star in my eyes and I hope to see you on TV someday soon.

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