I brought Coco Kiss into my office today and asked her to take a seat. I had a few questions to ask the tall German brunette before our casting, and got right into it. I learned about her background, how she wanted to be a fashion model, and how she wanted to travel the world. Fashion isn't the easiest industry to break into, but with a lean body like hers, she had the look of an erotic model. I made the suggestion, and she was open to it. Coco watched porn films and she was single, so we dove into a masturbation casting. Her pierced pussy was heavenly! As she played with her small tits and fingered herself, I got pretty horny, and so was she, so when I offered to pull out my cock she started sucking it right away! After a wet blowjob, I fucked her spoon, then doggystyle. Moving to my desk, I fucked her missionary, then introduced her to the porn world with a huge cumshot!
Kayla (24 mins) Kayla is a super hot blonde who loves sex!!! I met her a while ago in Hungary and we did a threesome together! She was so fantastic that I would wank over her from time to time. I couldn't believe my luck when I saw her out with her friends in a restaurant. We both noticed each other from our tables but she was with a group of people so I waited until I could speak to her alone. We chatted and she agreed to meet me in my office for a catch up!!! She came in and there was a sexual tension between us. We both knew why she was here! After we had a little chat we wasted no time and got down to business. She didn't mind me recording us either. We fucked hard on the couch and I finished off by spunking all over her fantastic Tits!! What a girl!
Kitti (37 mins) Kitti is a super sexy blonde with a great attitude and an even better body. She was very relaxed and easy going in the interview and was happy with what I had to offer her. She told me that she liked watching porn and that she loved it. I liked the way this girl was thinking and it didn't take long before I had her standing naked in front of me... My cock didn't need much attention as it was rock hard in my pants. It felt great to finally get inside her and she didn't disappoint. We had lots of fun on the couch and I finished off by spunking on those delicious lips of hers.
Karina (40 mins) Karina is a skinny blonde babe who's looking to make big money by using her looks and her body. She told me that she would like some jobs and I said that with her height and beauty she could go far. She found us on the internet and was very keen to have a casting interview.... I got her to take her clothes off so I could see her shape and she had some very sexy tattoos on her legs so I thought that she could be interested in doing something a little more than just pictures. I explained to her that I could give her a very good job if she was willing to do something a little extra for me... After some thought she was willing to give it a shot. We fucked hard on the couch and I ended up spunking all over her juicy pussy.
Angelina (35 mins) Angelina is a sexy 19 year old student with a nice smile and a cracking body. She has big plans to open a beauty salon after finishing university so she's looking to make a lot of money fast. I explained to her that a girl like her could make good money if she was willing to try the adult industry. After a bit of thought she decided to give it a try. She told me that she had sent some naked pictures to boys in the past to get their attention so I knew she wasn't shy... I got her to strip off naked and start masturbating. When she had made herself horny I joined her and we got down to business. I finished off by spunking all over her sweet body!
Luciana (44 mins) Luciana is a sweet blonde with a nice body and cheeky smile! She came to me with the idea of working in the adult industry because she really likes sex and money! So really she was the perfect candidate for a casting interview! I explained to her what she needed to do in the interview if she wanted to work in the adult industry. I could see she was very keen and maybe a little bit horny! After we got all the talking out of the way we got down to business. She looked good naked but she was acting a little shy. After she'd masturbated she loosened up a bit and then I gave her my cock to suck. We fucked on the couch and then I spunked over her juicy body!
Karoline (51 mins) Karoline is a beautiful blonde babe with curves in all the right places. She came to our agency looking for modelling work or maybe a swimwear photo shoot. I discussed her options with her and told her that she could get a lot more jobs if she was willing to try erotic shoots. She seemed a little bit shy at first and it took a while to convince her that this was the best option for her... I finally managed to convince her and she was willing to give it a try. Her body is out of this world, perfect breasts and perfect ass! I couldn't wait to get my hands on her. We fucked hard on the couch and I finished off with a classic Creampie!
Anna (43 mins) Anna is a sweet girl who's looking for some excitement and a way to make some fast bucks. She's very into fashion and her dream is to travel the world and live somewhere exotic. I told her that she'd come to the right place and I could offer her money and a chance to see the world. As you can imagine she was ready to do almost anything after hearing this. I got her to strip naked and play with herself on the couch. Her sweet 18 year old body was driving me crazy I couldn't wait to taste her pussy. I joined her on the couch and played around for a bit. We had great sex and I spunked all over her sweet body!!!
Teen spinner Paris Divine came into my office a total novice! After determining that she needed a little pre-porn training, I sent the translator from the room and warmed up the skinny beauty for her first lesson in on-camera fucking. After caressing her perky natural tits, I showed her the proper way to work a big dick during a blowjob. She gagged a little but she's getting the hang of it! when she climbed on top for a little cowgirl ride, though, I realized this chick had serious power. In true spinner form, she rode me hard and fast, finally dropping her inhibitions. She closed her eyes for the cumshot--such an innocent! And another perfect blonde pornstar is born!
Eva (39 mins) Eva is a super skinny babe with fantastic ass and legs. She came to me looking for work as a model but said that she was open to anything as long as the money was there. I told her that a sexy girl like herself could make lots of money in the adult industry if she was not shy and willing to try new things. She seemed keen so I got her to strip naked Her body is absolutely amazing and I couldn't wait to get my hands on her ass! She sucked me off and then we fucked all shapes on the couch. Great session!
Bella (31 mins) Hi my friends we have a treat for you today. One of my good friends Figi has been asking me if he could do a casting interview for me and after some thought I decided to let him give it a shot. I gave him a few pointers and a bit of advice that would be helpful and he couldn't wait to give it a try... He is a very lucky man as we have a beautiful girl named Bella who has been emailing asking for jobs as a model and she was the perfect girl for Figi to try his first casting with. I must say I'm very impressed with his interview and Bella is an absolute peach. Check it out now.
Zazie (31 mins) Zazie is a hot skinny blonde who works as a a masseuse and is looking to take her career to the next level. She really wants to be a model and with her looks and body she has a good chance of making it. I told her that she would be able to earn lots of money if she tried herself in the adult industry and she seemed keen to try it out. I got her to strip naked and her body is fantastic. I went on to explain in that order for me to get her good jobs she needed to show her fucking skills on camera.... We had a great session on the couch and her pussy was so tight I couldn't hold back the jizz and I spunked all over her sweet body.
The new ads I had made for the casting company are paying off, as they brought me this blonde beauty Nela Angel. When she sat down on my couch, I had to start slowly because I just couldn't be sure if she knew what kind of amateur porn videos get filmed in my office. After getting through the simple questions, I asked Nela if she was open-minded about nude modeling for some of my clients. After I snapped some pics of Nela in her underwear, Nela offered to show me one of her dirty tricks if it'd get her file put to top of the pile for modeling work in Italy. A nice deepthroat blowjob on the casting couch quickly turned into more, and before long I was filming this Czech beauty's big ass bouncing as I rammed my cock deep inside her!
Elle looked so young when she came in today, I had to ask her age right away to make sure she was legal! I was so happy when she said 20. She was stunningly beautiful! Long, lovely brown hair, an incredible smile and bright blue eyes--innocent like an angel! She'd already done some softcore art modeling, and admitted she liked to masturbate to porn, so we started taking pictures, then I asked Elle to show me how she touches herself for the camera. Elle has the perfect spinner body. Perky tits and a nice juicy ass, like some kind of dream. She easily made herself cum on the casting couch as I watched. And when I asked if she wanted to touch my cock, she said yes, and started giving me a blowjob. Elle said it was a very interesting lesson! I had to agree. I pounded her tight pussy, then I covered her perfect body with cum.
I had spoken to Rhiannon Ryder over the phone before our interview, but she was even more sexy in person than her voice suggested. I started by recapping our conversation, then asked Rhiannon if she had any questions. The Scottish blonde was interested in how much money she could make, so I told her the best way to make money as a model in this agency was adult entertainment. Rhiannon was very interested, and told me how she loved to masturbate her pussy five or six times a day! We moved on to taking some pictures, and I snapped some hot shots of Rhiannon's small boobs and big ass in her underwear, then had her strip naked and finger herself for me. This turned her on so much she asked to suck my dick, then I fucked her on my desk until I came on her face!
Lauren (37 mins) Lauren is a skinny horny secretary who's fed up with her job and wants to try something new. She has an idea that she would love to be a model but wasn't brave enough to pursue her dreams in the past but now wants to give it a try. I explained to her what my agency could do for her and how much money she could make if she was willing to try the erotic business. After she'd thought about it a bit and heard about how much money there was to be made she was willing to give it a try... I got her to strip naked for some naked photos before we got down to business. We fucked on the couch before I spunked over her beautiful ass.
Vanessa (40 mins) Merry Xmas - I had an early xmas present this year when Vanessa walked into the office. She is amazing. She has a perfect ass and perfect body. I couldn't wait to unwrap her and get my hands on her. She told me that she was a waitress and wasn't earning much money and would love to be able to be a model. I told her that if she was willing to try herself in the adult industry a girl like her could go far... After we'd talked a bit about her opportunities she was willing to give it a try. She is absolutely fantastic and we had a great session on the couch. Thank you Santa!
Sylva (49 mins) Sylva is an exotic looking girl who is in touch with her sexual desires. I told her that she could make a lot of money if she was willing to try in the adult business. She seemed very keen and was willing to give it a go... I asked her to strip so we could see her body. I must say that her body was fantastic very slim and sexy. She said that she wanted a towel to stimulate her pussy while she was sucking cock. I'd never heard to this before but it did the trick for her as she was wet when I stuck my cock inside her. We fucked on the couch and I spunked my load on her great tits!!!
Miriam (38 mins) Miriam is an awesome girl who is very adventurous in her sexual endeavours. When she walked into the office I knew that we were going to have a lot of fun in this special casting. We went through some questions so I could get a feel for who she was and what she wanted to get out of this casting. It turns out that she had done a couple of castings in the past but I don't think she's ever had one quite like this... I got her naked and then the fun started. We fucked like rabbits on the couch and I made her cum at least 3 times. Oh yes Miriam you're a star!
Uma (40 mins) Uma is a sexy blonde girl with a great smile and skinny body... When she first walked in I could tell that she was going to be a great fuck! She didn't speak much English but that didn't bother me too much because I had one of my angels with me to help me communicate with her. Uma was really turning me on with her huge white smile and sexy attitude. She told me that she was prepared to do any work I had for her so I thought i'd put her to the test. I went on to explain about the adult industry and she said that it would be good. She really needed work because she was out of work and had to make some fast cash. When she took her clothes off I got an instant boner, her body was great. It didn't take long before she was sucking me off and things escalated from there. I finished off by spunking on her face! Uma keep up the good work!
Clara (53 mins) When this skinny blonde came sauntering into my office I was a happy man. She looked like a fashion model straight out of Beverly Hills. I couldn't wait to work my magic, and get balls deep inside her. However, there were a few drawbacks, the biggest one being that she couldn't speak a word of English. I came up with a great idea to solve this problem, I brought in one of my old friends to act as translator to help me convey my message. She gets off watching me take advantage of naive girls, so it works out well. I'm lucky to have her, because without communicating would be near impossible. Through the translator, I gave dear Clara the spiel about being famous and becoming a top fashion model. She didn't seemed to bothered about what she would have to do to get the top jobs. I mean, when you think about it, lots of famous women sucked their way to the top. It's just a formality in most cases. The girls who are willing to suck a man off for a life changing opportunity are usually the ones who reach the dizzying heights. Clara was one of these girls and although it may not be me that takes her to the top, this one has potential written all over her.
Dorothy (37 mins) Dorothy is a serious hot babe, with curves in all the right places. She looked like a fashion model when she came into my office. I told her that I only had one hour to speak to her to put a little bit of pressure on her. I asked her what type of work she was interested in doing and she said that she wanted to do modelling and photo modelling and things of that nature. I told her that I could get her work in some of the famous magazines and threw around some big names and she seemed really interested about what I was offering her. After a while she asked me about the cameras and was a bit concerned about what I would do with the tapes after if I did not work with her. She was a bit more inquisitive than the other girls and wanted to know the guarantee she'd have that i'd delete the tapes and would not use them inappropriately (as if I would)... It took a bit of sweet talking and the usual lines of bullshit until she surrendered and went along with the interview.... I went on to explain that the main money is to be main in the erotic photos and videos. When I told her how much she could potentially earn she couldn't believe it and even said that it was too much money. Her mind was working overtime imagining what she could do with all that extra money. She soon was taking her clothes off ready for her nude photos... Her body was delightful and she had an amazingly formed ass which I was getting increasingly excited about. When I sat next to her she told me she liked a man to take control of her, I knew I was in! She wanted me to have my wicked way with her. We had amazing sex and it was a pleasure feeling her warm pussy surrounding my cock. After a good session I ended up releasing my man juice all over her silky smooth ass. What a result!!!
Vikki (26 mins) I had to call Zsofi back for another casting because I wanted to see what she'd be like on her own without Vikki with her. I told her that I'd be able to get her lots of work but I needed to see how she'd handle a cock inside her and what moves she had of her own... It didn't take much convinceing to get her out of her clothes because, let's face it, she'd just been sucking cock and pussy for the last half hour. However, this time I was going to get to fuck her which put a huge smile on my face. We picked up where we left off and she was working her tongue all over my helmet. Her pussy was amazing and I wasted no time in slipping it in her and pumping to my hearts content.... She was so tight I found I couldn't hold back the flow of juices and ended up juicing all over her tiny ass.... Yes definitely glad I called Zsofi back for some more fun.
Jenny (42 mins) Wow when Jenny walked into my office it felt like Christmas... She was ticking all the right boxes and I couldn't wait to find out more about this amazing blonde temptress. She didn't speak a lot of English so I got my translator to help out with convincing her to take her clothes off. Lucky for me this girl loves sex and was secretly horny and wanted a good fucking as much as I did.... I was running late for a birthday party but I didn't give a shit this was more important... We had a great session on the couch and I spunked my load inside her mouth. Now I'll go to the birthday party with a smile on my face.
Evelyn (46 mins) Evelyn is a super skinny model who is looking for work. She came to me for help and advice about potential jobs. When I told her that I do erotic castings she didn't look very happy and I thought that she might be a tough nut to crack... However I carried on talking and after the initial shock she was getting more interested in the idea. Especially when I told her how much money was involved. I finally managed to convince her to strip. I got her to play with herself on the couch and I was getting hard. I joined in and we fucked hard on the couch! This girl's got some moves!
Today I had a real stunner in for a casting. This woman had an incredible body. She was completely open to any kind of work she could get. I told her about the different aspects of what we do. Also, the 'erotic' side. I told her if she wanted the work she'd have to prove she could handle a cock! She started sucking me off before I fucked her in every position I could think off before leaving her with a lovely cream pie! I think she got the job!
Ashely Ocean found her way to my casting couch today. Ashely had found one our ads online, and contacted us for an appointment. She wanted to be a model, and her pretty face and long brown hair seemed suited to the job. Ashley was a little shy but also loved the idea of money and travel, so I asked her to strip so we could take some casting pictures. She was wearing a sexy black set of bra and underwear that really showed off her perky boobs and big booty. Seeing her like that made me horny, so I told her that the most comfortable girls got the best jobs and put her hand on my dick. Ashely quickly got to work and gave me a blowjob, then I had her kneel on my couch so I could fuck her doggystyle. After some cowgirl and missionary, the velvet feel of her tight pussy made me want to orgasm, so I came all over her face!
Gina (64 mins). Gina, in my opinion, is one of the prettiest women I have ever had on my casting couch. She has a beautiful smile and a very cute and sexy way about her. Her smile and sexy look lit the room up from the moment she sat down. She also has an ass that belongs in the museum of all time great asses. It has the shape of a finely crafted peach and her breasts are in proportion to the rest of her body, small and firm. I was harder then smith's hammer before she had even taken her clothes off as I admired her shape and the way she walked. Lucky for me she was already in the adult business and so understood the way of the casting. But she had not worked with the boys and I decided to tell her anything she needed to hear so I could slip inside her. I offered her the best money and her eyes lit up like headlights, I could tell she was thinking of all the things she could buy. She was soon naked and I decided to go to town on her small pussy, licking and fingering her spasming hole.. After a fantastic blowjob that had my toes curling I decided to fuck her pussy, which in a way was a mistake. Her pussy was tighter then a camels asshole during a sandstorm and it was quite the battle to keep my balls in check. Just watching that amazing shape slide over and consume Jimmy junior was too much for a mortal man. I was soon plastering her pussy from behind with my man jam. An incredible fuck and so pretty and cute. She will go far in this business, but not with my help. Another great casting.
Simonne (29 mins) Simonne is an amazing skinny babe who is looking for a career in modelling. She said that she was interested in doing photoshoots but was not shy and would be willing to take some photos of her in her underwear or in swimwear... I explained to her that the best money was in erotic modelling and a girl like her could make a lot of money very fast. She has an amazing figure and is very fit and her body was really turning me on... I had to convince her with a special offer of a great job modelling job for 30,000 to get her to change her mind. Fair play she's an amazing fuck and in the end she ended up with a spunk load of jizz on her lovely ass!
Linda (38 mins) Linda is a young cute red head who loves sex and money. I told her that she was in the right place because i could offer her some very interesting opportunities. She was very keen to listen to what I had to say and with a bit of help from my angel translator I was making real progress convincing Linda to play ball. We talked for a while until it was time for the interview to step up a gear... My assistant left and we got down to business. She had a nice body and silky smooth skin. It was pleasure to fuck this young bit of ass and even more of a pleasure to spunk in her face. Cheers Linda keep up the good work!
I had a petite spinner on my couch today, a brunette babe named Caroline Mann. Caroline wanted to be an adult model, and told me how much she liked sex. Caroline was very interested to try sleeping with girls, and especially excited to be involved in group sex. We snapped some pictures of Caroline in her matching black bra and panties so she could show off her small boobs and nice ass, then she stripped nude so I could film her playing with her pink pussy. After she masturbated, Caroline gave me a naughty blowjob, then I fucked her doggystyle until I covered her with a facial!
Leila (38 mins) Leila is a nice cute girl with classic features and a great personality. I was extremely tired whilst doing this casting because I'd been out drinking the night before. When she came in I woke up and so did my old boy. She works in a little shop in her village and wanted a change of direction in her life. I explained to her that she could be a bikini model in magazines, if she did what I said. After a bit of verbal tennis I managed to get her to take her clothes off for a naked photo shoot. I asked her if she'd be prepared to do a scene with a girl but she was adamant that she only liked boys... I thought, ok, this girl might be up for a bit of fun... When she took them off she revealed a sweet body which I couldn't wait to get my hands on... I told her to relax and pretend the cameras weren't there and then I went in for the kiss. One thing led to another and soon I had her sucking on my cock and plaiting with my balls. She's a great girl and I'm sure she'll succeed in anything she puts her mind to.

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