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DNA: Daughters Need Anal 2

That Just Shouldn't Happen
Dear Diary, Daddy and I have been fucking for a while and it seems the "daddy bug" totally runs in the family! Recently, I noticed my youngest sister Hope was acting super friendly with daddy. My curiosity got the better of me so I totally snooped and found her diary! Inside was the proof I needed! My other sister Mandy walked in and caught me masturbating to Hope's dirty family secrets. I tried to play it off and showed her the diary! She got so hot, the next thing I knew she and I were going at it orally and anally!

Apparently after reading Hope's diary with me, Mandy wanted to fuck daddy too! I even busted them having anal sex in the bedroom! It was so hot that I was playing with my ass too, until my brother came up behind me and fucked my ass while watching them fuck! GOD WAS IT HOT!

Mandy came to me the next day and asked if we could both fuck dad together. Hope walked in on daddy, Mandy and I all playing in dad's bed! She tried to act surprised but when I told her we already knew she's been fucking daddy too, she joined in the family fun! What a great way to end my first week back at home! Daddy, Hope, Mandy and I all spending time together as one big happy anal fucking family! XOXO, Camille