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Haruka: No Haruka, No Life – Haruka Takami Blu-ray Edition

Haruka: No Haruka, No Life - Haruka Takami Blu-ray Edition. Starring today, Harurun, or Haruka Takami! A bright and fresh beauty with a nice smile and massive Ds. Her features don't end just at her looks - she's a bookworm and can speak 6 languages! When asking what were hobbies, skills, and her recent trends are, she says all she can focus on lately are games. She focuses on one thing, and doesn't look back! Her favorite scene to recommend is just a little bit of her ass cheeks hanging out of some short shorts outside. She would say, "everyone likes that, right?" Her final comments after filming were, "find something you like about me, and it doesn't just have to be erotic, find something in my video that you can't find anywhere else." We can't imagine a world without Harurun! Let's live our lives in peace with this blessing of a girl..