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XConfessions 10

Every day, anonymous people from all over the world submit their erotic fantasies to XConfessions. Erika Lust handpicks two per month and turns them into artistic, explicit, award-winning short films. Unlike anything you’ve experienced before, XConfessions offers a sophisticated, cinematic take on adult filmmaking, pushing the boundaries of erotica, shattering stigmas and smashing stereotypes.
The XConfessions series has reached it’s 100th film! Volume 10 features ten adult films, featuring a bisexual foursome, a male stripper, a science-fiction dystopia and so much more.
Plus, 6 female Guest Directors showcasing diversity, artistry and imagination, produced by Erika Lust and shot around the globe, from London to Girona.On the Guest Directed film “La Mujer y el Pescador” one viewer wrote:
It was wonderful … so fulfilling and good! I think I’m hooked onto XConfessions videos (after having visited PornHub almost exclusively for years), because the context of sex scenes are so different from mainstream porns. I often get the feeling that the characters are really experiencing connections with each other and with everything around them, rather than just fixated on each other’s sexual organs. Thanks for these works of art, Erika Lust & Friends!
After 100 short films, XConfessions can safely be called the vanguard of the new adult cinema; and this collection succeeds in showcasing the classic XC sex-positive, artistic, deeply erotic and gorgeously sensual cinematic films that have made Erika Lust the first name in ethical adult film.
Two men and two women entice and explore each-other in the bisexual foursome “Hot Power Couple“, while Hollywood ultra-romance finds it’s true erotic energy in “Pouring Pleasure“. Erika’s diverse selection of Guest Directors brings us a sci-fi dystopian film where human contact is forbidden but sexual desire proves too powerful to control in Sally Fenaux Barleycorn’s “Touch Crimes” from London; “She Groped Me by the Groceries” is Italian director Lidia Ravviso’s XC debut, also set in London, in a classic English corner-shop; plus Olympe de. G and Adriana Eskenazi return with two astonishing, original films, “Take Me Through the Looking Glass” exploring voyeurism and male strippers from Olympe and a spitting fantasy with a Wes Anderson vibe in “Spit It Up” from Adriana, set in Barcelona and Berlin!
XConfessions just keeps on growing. Life is too short for bad porn, so enjoy erotic cinema at it’s finest.

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