Anastasia (52 mins) Anastasia is a blonde homely earth mother type who is almost too organic for my corrupted cock. Entering her was like an insult to purity. However, I soon realized that looks can be deceiving, and deep down she was a horny sex kitten who enjoyed knocking out five wanks a day. Yep this girl is a prolific wanker to say the least, and even had a dildo to hand. The first thing that caught my attention about Anastasia were the nipples that were protruding from beneath her thin jumper. They were just sitting there, waiting to be tweaked and fiddled around with. To my delight they started to lactate when I was taking her from behind. I first met her in a local club, her tits caught my eye. As soon as I saw them I knew I had to give her my business card. After that things started to develop. Luckily, she needed work so she would have money to support the baby when it arrived. I was slightly surprised that she didn't give a shit what she did, as long as it brought it in the Bucks. Fair play she wasn't shy, she even let me do anal. If I've learnt anything from this girl it's that becoming pregnant makes a woman's body more voluptuous. I would love to have spent a couple of days with getting to know them nipples better. I might even go as far to say they were the best set I've had out of all the girls on my couch.
Morgan (33mins) Morgan arrived late in the evening for my casting. She told me on the phone that she had made porno already but her agent wasn't getting her enough work so she was looking for other agents to represent her. I was worried a little because her experience might make her realise I was fake, and then when I started the interview I thought she definitely knew I didn't know what the fuck I was doing. I felt at one point this was going to be a boring evening and she was probably going to walk out but I could not have been more wrong! She eventually stripped off all her clothes for me to look at her, she had really great body for married woman with one kid. While we were fucking I yanked off the condom she asked me to wear and raw dogged her, I even fucked her bareback in the ass and blew a huge load inside her pussy. Hopefully if she gets preggers the husband will think it's his. I decided to move out of this apartment in case anything happened, this casting didn't end too well as you will see and she wasn't speaking to me after I switched the camera off. I changed my cell number and email too. Paranoia kicking in again.
Suzanna (44 mins) Suzanna has a really good look with a very mischievous smile that let's you know she's thinking dirty thoughts behind her innocent face. She is currently working in a bar and is not happy because it's long hours and not much pay. I told her that we could offer her lots of jobs but she would have to have some pictures taken and make a video showing off her skills. She didn't mind and seemed happy to do the photos. When she was naked her body looked fantastic, I couldn't wait to see what she was like in sex. And let me tell you she didn't disappoint me I was a very happy man after the casting interview.... Another successful day in the office!!!
Diana (40 mins) The delectable Diana has beautiful golden hair, with pale blue come to bed eyes that light up whenever she sees cock. She's the type of girl who wanted a man to have their wicked way with her. It was at a party in Budapest that I met this little fire cracker for the first time. She was giving it some serious grinding action with the boys on the dance floor, it became clear that she was going to be up for anything sexual. I bided my time and waited until she was was on her own so I could approach her. I went up to her at an opportune time, stared straight into her glassy blue eyes and gave her my best chat up line (sorry can't tell you what it is, trade secret) I gave her my card, and asked her if she'd like work. Her face lit up when I told her about money. The next day I had a call from her and we met up in a cafe. There was no doubt in my mind that this girl wanted my cock inside her. As soon as we reached my office one of the first things she said is 'I want to suck your dick'. I didn't need to bullshit her or anything. She was great at sucking cock, and loved anal it was perfect. That's two Russians I've had now, and both of them have been absolutely filthy. Let's hope I can make it a hat-trick soon...
Adela (44 mins) I warmed to this blonde 24 year old the minute she walked through the door. Mainly because we both clearly shared a passion for reflective clothing. Another one of her very attractive qualities was her love for taking large penis in her back entrance. Most girls that walk through my door are very cautious and unsure what's expected of them, and so they should be. Adela on the other hand wanted some quick cash, not that she was going to find any here (I think there was an ATM around the corner) but I'd clearly been my usual convincing self and she bought the 'I can get you work' story quicker than I found myself balls deep in her ass. It was as tight ass hole so I used almost half a bottle of lube before it was sliding in and out with ease. Filthy girls like this need to be sent home with a bloodshot eye courtesy of my jet powered spunk shot. Once again this girl didn't bat an eye lid....well she couldn't, they were stuck together.
Eva (43 mins) Eva is a seriously hot 18y/o piece of ass, she wanted to work in the adult business because she likes sex and money too, so she was ideal for a casting interview... After we'd talked about what she can expect in this business I told her I needed to see her naked in front of the camera... Oooff this girl's body is absolutely smoking hot. She pleasured herself on the couch and then I came over with my dick in my hand and she started to blow me off. It felt so good the way she was sucking my balls. It didn't take long before I was balls deep inside her young moist pussy... It was a great session I'm sure this girl will go far.
Madlyn (37 mins) Madlyn is smoking hot lady who's got an amazing attitude about life She has a very refined look about her which is sexy and elegent at the same time. A winning combination in my book. She was curious about the interview and I think a bit intrigued by what I could actually do for her. She was more than happy to be filmed and was giving very promising answers to most of my question. Another good thing about Madlyn is that she wasn't shy at all and said that she masturbated everyday which I was quite pleased about. My way of thinking is that if a girl has high sexual urges it is more likely that she will open her legs during the interview, and on this occasion I was right. The way she was dressed was making me horny, I couldn't wait to get her out of them short little hot pants and reveal the glorious bounty. I promised her work and she looked happy, she said she wouldn't do anal until she felt a bit more comfortable in this environment, but half way through she must have loosened up because I went in for the ass and she didn't complain. She was up for anything, a game girl and I really liked the cut of her jib. In summery Madlyn is a all rounder, Her ass was to die for, lovely natural titties, and a great attitude towards life and new experiences. Nice one Madlyn pleasure doing business with you.
Shalina (44 mins) Shalina has been calling me and emailing me a lot recently about meeting up. It's like she's obsessed with getting another casting interview. Personally I think that she just wants another good seeing to. Anyway, I decided to invite her around to my house so I could discuss things with her. We talked about jobs and my clients and some movies... There was a lot of chemistry going on between us and I could tell that she was horny... After we'd talked for a while we took things to the next level. Her body was as perfect as I remembered it. Beautiful definition! I was so turned on by this point I just wanted to get inside her... We fucked on the couch and I even managed to get my cock up her ass! I couldn't resist to finish with the classic anal creampie!
Mira (60 mins) Mira is a Hipster horse riding chick, who was blessed with an hour glass body. Her main love in life was horses, and the main reason she came to see me was to make some fast money in order for her to buy a new horse. Apparently they cost about a million koruna, so they don't come cheap. I told her that she could make thousands of euros working in the adult industry, and that she could afford to buy a horse in no time at all if she did what I wanted. She said she wanted to take a shower before we did anything because she was still dirty her mid morning ride, but to be honest, I wanted her dirty with a sweaty pussy... I prefer it when girls have been out exercising before I get my hands on them. That way I get a real taste of them. To be fair I couldn't believe how amazing this girls body was, I felt like spreading peanut butter all over her nipples and licking them until they were raw. I wanted to explore all her orifices and make a home inside her vagina where I could live until the dusk of desire. So as you can imagine I was over the moon when she said she would do anal. I was so excited that I told her I wanted to spunk on her twice because she was turning me into a quivering spunk factory. She didn't seem to mind, if anything she wanted to have my juice spread all over her. So, I bolted once up that glorious butt of hers and then swivelled her around and exploded again on her pussy.... It was a great day, and we both left with smiles on our faces.
Anastasia (58 mins) I've seen a lot of breasts in my time as a fake agent, but these are some of the finest that I have ever seen. When she whipped her top off I squealed with excitement like a stuck pig as they stood their awaiting my eager hands and mouth. I had met Anastasia in a bar and when she discovered what I did she was more then eager to try out for an audition, and more then willing to let me do just about whatever I wanted with her. This woman has the cutest, naughtiest looking twinkle in her eye, and she couldn't get enough of my bendy meat pipe. She sucked on my cock like it was the last piece of meat on earth and it wasn't long before she was riding my cock with the expertise of a show jumper. Her pussy was phenomenal and her asshole was tighter than a fat guy in spandex. She let me creampie her pussy at the end and I must have emptied about a gallon of Jim juice into and over her pussy. Like I told her, I don't care if she never wants to work in this business I'm just glad I met her. Well I can't get her any work anyway, but I think she could be a rising star if she just goes to a genuine agent!
Alena (49mins) I like chubby girls, I don't think there is anything wrong with being plump. Maybe a real casting agent would be looking for fit skinny girls for their model agency but I am not a fussy man! I'll eat almost anything, I also have a bit appetite! This girl was 25 years old and she's a teacher! I won't say what city because I feel a weird vibe from her emails to me and I don't want her boyfriend of five years coming to break my face. He had no idea what his committed, wholesome girlfriend was doing this day. If he sees this site and doesn't want to watch the video I'll break it down for him: gobbling my junk, getting her fat wet pussy filled with my cock (she said the dildo was too small for her,) having her ass fucked, and taking multiple wads of my spunk over her pretty face. Why would she do this to him? I can probably tell you that too: she's saving for an apartment and the teaching job doesn't pay enough, oh and she's also a filthy cumdumpster who's craving for cock outweighs the boredom of being faithful. She wants to be a porn star? Well lets see if I can make her one! Watch in this casting how she starts off happy and laughing and then as the realisation of what she is doing takes over she becomes more and more pissed!
Inga (41 mins) Inga is a hot brunette who is very sexually active and looking for opportunities to make lots of money. She responded to one of my ads and I told her to come to my office so we talk about her future. I asked her if she had a boyfriend and she said yes but they were allowed to have sex with other people. She also told me that she likes to watch her boyfriend having sex with other girls... I was very happy to hear this and also found it exciting. After I talked about what kind of options were available to her I convinced her to take some nude photos. One thing led to another and before I knew it we were fucking on the couch. We had a great session and I finished off with a classic Creampie!!!
Claudia (52mins) The first thing I want to say is that this blonde bombshell asked me to creampie her anus, and who was I to say no. I fancied the panties off Claudia from the moment she came in. She had a sparkle in her eyes, and her smile and happy personality made my balls brew. I felt a little bit guilty about all the bullshitting I was doing. I think we hit it off together and the fucking was with feeling, we had an emotional connection especially when I came inside her ass and she blew spunk bubbles! Now THAT is emotional. I was going to cum inside her little pussy but fair on her, she wasn't on pills and gave me a warning. I took her for a drink after I fucked her, but I regretted this almost immediately as I had to continue bullshitting her for almost an hour which was exhausting, and without the reward of a blowjob. I think she would make a good porn star, pity I can't help her with that.
Mary (41 mins) Mary is a cute blonde with beautiful blue eyes and a great figure. She came back to my office for her casting interview after I'd had that brief visit from her when she popped in with her friend Dasha. I knew that Mary was going to be quite an easy casting as she had already sucked my cock just minutes after I met her... This girl was keen to get work in the adult industry to fund her studies in Europe! Her attitude was very good and she had no problem with doing what I said. I went through my usual spiel and she was soon lying on my couch playing with herself. I soon joined the party and we picked up from where we left off last time. It was great fun and in the end I spunked all over her nice flat stomach!!!
Barra (59 mins) I met this hot blonde mamma in a bar that i'd been going to for the last couple of weeks. The first time I met her she was flirting like crazy and I just knew I needed to get her on my couch. I kept peppering her with compliments until she was on the ropes and then all I needed to do was give her the knockout blow and I knew she was going to open her legs for me. Conveniently she was also looking for a new job because of the hours she had to work at the bar. One of the things she hated the most was that she didn't have time to find a boyfriend, saying that it was hard to find decent men in a bar. When I asked her what her type of man was she said 'someone like me' which caught me off guard, I mean could this chick be the one to tame the fake agent.... Doubtful. But then again she really liked me and there could be a potential future girlfriend on the cards; only time will tell. Maybe she'll be the one to put me back on the straight and narrow. I told her that if she did what I said she'd only have to work one day a week and could earn as much money as working a full week in the bar. Instantly her eyes lit up with the thought of all that extra cash and the thought it would give her much more free time to do what she wanted to do. Her dream was the typical to live in a nice house with a dog... not a bad dream I suppose. I'm a little bit worried because I spunked inside her and she wasn't on the pill. It didn't concern me too much though as I went back for seconds, and we continued again with some anal... A great session all in all, and with one spunk in the pussy and one in the ass it is an achievement in itself.
Sarah and Rosaline (40 mins) After we'd had a drink and a quick break I was happy and ready for action again with the girls. It didn't take long until we were back into full swing with them sucking and fondling my balls. We did a few different positions until I couldn't hold back my jizz and bolted on Rosaline's sexy ass... I wasn't finished yet though! I really wanted to try some anal sex so I managed to get myself ready again and slipped my cock up her sweet ass. I pounded until we were both satisfied and somehow managed to spunk again. I think I'll need a day's recovery after this session!
Kendra (35 mins) Kendra is an amazing babe with lovely natural tits and come to bed eyes. I met her around 2 years ago and we did an interview but she couldn't remember much about it and was happy to hear about an offer I had for her. I explained to her that I was producing movies and that we would love to have her as one of the main actresses. She was very keen to try so I explained to her that my partners would have to see how she could perform in front of the cameras. I could sense she was horny and she told me that her hobby was porn so she was happy to make a video with me... She stripped down and her body looked divine. I couldn't wait to get my hands on her beautiful tits. We fucked on the couch until I couldn't hold back the Jizz and finished with a slippery tit wank.
Annette (43 mins) Wow! Anntette is a genuine auburn beauty with curves that could stop traffic. She just happened to find one of my adverts, and came sauntering into my life in the twilight of winter. When I probed about her relationship, it became obvious it wasn't a normal type. She said that they had a swingers relationship, in which they go out and meet friends and basically swap partners. It was great for me because it meant that I could could get it on with this sweet girl and not have to worry about making her boyfriend jealous. Mind you he'll probably be pissed when he realizes I can't get her any work. Annette wanted to do porn in order to pay for her wedding, it's strange I know, but hey, this is the 21st century nothing surprises me anymore, I gave up trying to figure women out a long time ago. When I told her there is more money to be made doing anal she jumped at the chance. She surrendered her back passage to me in a heart beat, and I proceeded to squeez myself all up inside that glorious booty. When I'd gotten it up there she said that my cock was too big for her, but that just made me even harder. We fucked until she was orgasming in fits of delirium. I continued to pound her tight butt hole, as I sniffed her beautiful auburn locks.... When I spunked it came out in a jet of pure bliss. I told her I over shot the mark because I missed her tits and hit her right in the kisser. Well I said I missed but in reality that's what I was aiming for... Sorry Annette.
Jana (33 mins) Jana is a great girl with a good attitude towards life and more importantly she loves sex... When she first came into my office I thought that I might have a problem convincing her to do what I wanted her to, but after a bit of conversation and she found out how much she could earn she was putty in my hands. It was a bit cold in the office this day so I thought the best way to warm up was by sharing body heat. We fucked on the couch and I ended up spunking my load on her pussy. Oh yes!
Andrea (41 mins) As soon as I saw Andrea I knew I was going to in for a good session. She was oozing sex appeal out of her skin, and her eyes were mentally undressing me. I was a little bit intimidated by her to be honest, in a good way. She told me that she was a dancer looking for more work and was looking for an agent to help her find more work. Naturally I told her what she wanted to here and the conversation was blossoming nicely. I explained to her that a girl with her natural ability could make a lot of money implementing her skills into the adult industry. At first she was a little bit concerned about what I was trying to make her do, but I could see that deep down she wanted a good servicing. After a bit of persuasion I soon had her naked, and I must say she had a smoking hot body... She was playing with herself on the couch for me so I swooped in and started having a play myself... We fucked all shapes and I tried my luck with anal and she was up for it. Cheers Andrea you've made my week!
Mira (36 mins) Mira has an awesome body which she knows how to use to the best of her ability. The way in which she was pointing her ass at me was driving me crazy, I knew this girl was going to be a great fuck by her attitude and piercing eyes. She has curves in all the right places, and her pink thong was sending out signals that she was horny and looking for sex. Her ass was to die for and the way she was wiggling at me was enough to give me a hard on. I could tell this girl has had a lot of sexual experience in her life by the way she moved her body. She looked like the type that was always sucking the boys off behind the bike sheds in school. This girl was making me so horny I just wanted to slip my dick inside her wet pussy and gyrated until I exploded. After I had pounded her tight pussy for a good 20 minutes I knew I couldn't hold back the juices anymore, and released a glorious load over her tanned skin. Phew I've got to be careful with this one she's been trying to ring me everyday since the casting and now she's saying she's going to bite my cock off if I don't respond. It might be time for a relocation I think.
Juliette (39 mins) Fake Agent Holiday Special - This is proof that being a fake agent is a full time vocation, even when I'm on holiday I'm working; that's the discipline; that's what it takes. As soon as spotted the gorgeous Juliette I knew I had to get inside her. There was no doubt about it, it was inevitable. The ski slopes would have to wait, there was more important business at hand. She looked amazing, even better tham I remembered her in my mind. I took a gulp of my beer, mustered up the courage and turned on the charm. Before long I got her to agree to meet me in my room in the hotel, and we both knew what was going to happen. I didn't want her to know that I was filming so I did what any red blooded male would do and put a couple of hidden cameras around the room so I could record the whole thing. I thought she might rumble me when she came in but she didn't say anything, or maybe she knew but chose to play along. I remember from our last session that she was amazing at giving head. We fucked like troopers with the glorious back drop of the snowy mountains staring down on us... One session just wasn't going to be enough so we agreed that she would come back the next day to play around some more. This time I convinced her to do anal which I'm highly pleased about because she denied me on our last casting. In the end I came clean about the hidden cameras. She pretended she was unhappy about me recording her, but I know she loved it really, lol.
Krystina (52 mins) Krystina is a beautiful girl who is very shy and lacks confidence. When she came in I could see some real potential in her but she doesn't quite believe in herself. We talked about her past experiences and what interests her. She said that she really enjoyed sex so I was getting very excited. After the conversation I finally managed to get her to take her clothes off. She has a nice body but she was feeling a bit uncomfortable... She told me she liked to suck so I whipped my cock out. Her nerves seemed to die down a bit when we started touching and it wasn't long before I was pounding her sweet pussy. I also managed to get inside her ass and spunked my load inside her!!! Great girl, great casting!
Tiffany (46 mins) Tiffany is a beautiful woman with jet black hair and cracking body. She responded to one of our ads and she was very keen to do a casting interview as soon as possible. We arranged for her to come to the office so we could discuss her options... I was very happy to see her in the flesh and I soon started to convince her about working in the adult industry. After we'd talked about money and opportunities she was ready to take her clothes off... She masturbated in front of me and I could sense that she was very horny. We fucked on the couch and to my delight she was willing to do some anal... I had to finish with an anal creampie! It would have been rude not to!
Rosa (50mins) When she walked in and saw the porn on my laptop, I thought she was going to shit smarties. Then I started talking about masturbation and the looks she was giving me were bizarre to say the least, I've never seen such a worried look on a girls face. Her manner and odd facial expressions told me this was going to be a hard one. With all these ominous signs I thought that there was no way that this girl was going to go all the way. It made me feel a bit confused and uncomfortable at the same time. However, the tension did seem to dissipate when I rammed my lance into her cavernous regions. One thing she did seem to love was anal, but that turned out to be a big mistake, she must have had something bad to eat because she left a shit trail all over my cock. It was disgusting to say the least but I carried on like a shit trooper. If I wasn't such a perverted guy i'd have probably stopped when the stink rose up from her less than rosy asshole, but hey I'm a professional, I wasn't going to leave the job half finished just because of some shit.
Eloa (57 mins) Eloa the French mistress has great natural breasts, and a cheeky smile that is begging to be filled with a huge schlong. I pretty much got the measure of Eloa in the first 10 minutes of talking to her... My impression was that she was in my office because she was horny and needed a good fucking, and who better to come to than me because I've always got time for a horny woman who needs some attention. I wanted to find out if it was true about what people say about French lovers being the best in the world, and I must say she didn't disappoint. Mind you she'd had a lot of practice because she had been in the adult industry for quite sometime. Surprisingly she had never been to Budapest before, which is probably the reason why I had never met her. Her work had taken her all over the world, but her favourite place was Brazil. She said that she'd sampled the Brazilian delicacies (and by that she meant cock and pussy). Deep down I knew she was crying out for me to take advantage of her, and soon she was willing to let me do anything I wanted to her, fair play to the girl she was amazing... One of my favourite positions was when I straddled her on the couch and started slipping my cock into her mouth. Let's hope I get more girls like this strolling into my office in the near future.
Henessy (44 mins) Henessy has that girl from next door quality about her. She's such a sweet heart on the outside but underneath lurks a sexual beast. I asked her what she was interested in doing and she told me that she wanted to be a porn star. I was a little bit surprised at first but I talked her through some options. I told her that she could get lots of money with my agency. After we'd talked a bit about the business a little more she was willing to do what ever I wanted her to... We started with a photo shoot and then went into the fun stuff. She was an amazing fuck, very professional. I even managed to get my cock up her tiny ass hole. I finished off by jizzing in her perfectly shaped ass. Henessy keep this up and you'll go far!!!
Alice (37 mins) Alice is a super hot Russian babe who I did a casting with a few months ago. You may remember that last time she was a red head but she's changed her hair colour to blonde. After the last casting I mentioned to her that I had a production that was interested in her and they needed to see if she could do anal sex on camera. She'd emailed me a couple of times asking if there were any jobs so I thought it was a great opportunity to get her back in my office to try anal sex. She agreed and came by my office. I explained to her the situation and it wasn't long before I was bending my cock into her sweet ass... I finished off my spunking my load up her for a classic anal Creampie!
Klara (37 mins) Klara is a smoking hot Russain blonde who is skilled at pleasing men, She is the perfect candidate for the casting couch. Orginally I met two of them when I was out and they said that they both would turn up for the interview, but I'm glad out of the two of them that Klara came because she was the hot one. She was very positive and happy girl who was intellegant and knew what she wants. Unfortunately, she did not like her job as a secretary saying that it was boring with not much money... I wasn't surprised when she said that she had a boyfriend back in St Petersburg, poor guy. If only he knew what his girlfriend was getting up to in my office. But deep down he must know that a girl has needs and I could sense that she was in need of a good orgasm. I felt like the interview was going very well so I stepped it up a notch. We started doing photos and one thing led to another, after she'd played with herself for a while I presented her with my bendy member and the rest is history. She gobbled it up and then I shagged her senseless, I even managed to get her to do anal and then spunked over her beautiful pussy... Thank goodness for Russina girls!
Martina (41mins) This girl came to my office because her friend told her I could get her modelling work and €1000s a day if she sucked my dick, but she didn't call or email first so I was fucking paranoid throughout this casting. We had a lot of difficulty with communication because she didn't speak any form of language, but money talks and my bullshit had her naked in no time. She was cute in a plumpy, sweaty way. I could smell her excitement, it was musky. The mix of ass and pussy odour from her was toxic. She was weird and difficult and side-stepped all my questions so I ended up just fucking her in her ass, I half-spurted inside it half way through, cleaned her ass a little bit and then made her suck my ass-juicy spunky cock. Even if I was an agent I would never give this girl a job. Sometimes she visits me in my nightmares.
Adrianna (47mins) The first time this baby-face girl walked into the office I almost came in my pants. 19 years-old with the most amazing beautiful face, eyes and plump lips, I was very excited but as soon as I started to touching her things went wrong. The girl wants to make porno but doesn't want people (well, me) to touch her, makes a lot of sense, no? I made this a two-part video because yes, she apologized and came back, lured by the idea that I could make her €1000s. This time she was prepared for what she would have to do if she wanted a (fake) job from a (fake) casting agent! Her pussy was so warm and wet I was only inside her for a minute before I leaked a little cum into her. To save anymore troubles I covered it up and carried on like nothing happen, just making her wipe her pussy. I enjoyed fucking with this girl, she really had a sweet vagina and even tried anal. She had a movie star face I think, even painted by a huge cum shot she look pretty. I think she could do porn if she finds a real model agent to get her work.
Bibi (61 mins) Being a fake agent surely I should be punished by karma, but with this girl on this day I was rewarded. Bibi is a beautiful young woman with succulent breasts and a pert tight ass that was ready for action as soon as she walked in the door. Just check the picture I took when she spread her cheeks and you can see her tight bum hole pleading to be invaded. During my interview spiel I realised to my delight that she worked as an escort and the reason she's in this business is for the notoriety of becoming a famous porn star which she could then use to make more money in the escort business. So I knew this girl would be up for anything and I fucked this woman like I was going to jail the next day for ten years. Her pussy was hotter then a goat in a pepper patch and her ass was ball achingly good. I ended up shooting over her asshole and then popping the meat pipe back in so I could cream pie her tight brown tunnel. I think she really would become a famous porn star, and an outstanding escort.

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